HI! I’m  Paul Wood

Here’s some of my work

It’s All About You

I’m not like the others

I take a unique approach to my clients and have a forward thinking style of design. Meaning we set solid foundations to allow future change and evolution.

You benefit from my 15 years experience as a freelance designer, art director and creative consultant. That means I can add tons of value by advising you on brand strategy, marketing approach and overall graphics planning.

Instead of trying to get my hand in your pocket for making text edits and changing images I will setup all your print and digital media so that they are easy to update, adapt and evolve. In short I’m forward thinking and fair.

Your brochures will update seamlessly from spreadsheets that you control. You can manage your own web content. Your brands will be super clean, tight and a doddle to design with. This means you can spend time working on interesting design projects and drinking hot beverages in the park.


I’m happy to come and talk over your graphics and photography needs. I’m very friendly an approachable so feel free to email or call me.